Every asset that is featured here can be leveraged and customized by your Healthcare System, ACO or Large Group Practice, to fit your own particular market needs. Content can be licensed, media can be co-branded, programs can be private-labeled, and more. Please contact me for additional information.


Digital Exam-Room Poster
featuring touchscreen technology

How it benefits patients:

How it benefits the practice:

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Waiting-Room Magazines
Health Monitor magazines are designed to facilitate dialogue between patients and their healthcare professionals.

Health Monitor MagazinesBenefits:

Magazines offered:

Health Monitor, Living with Cancer Health Monitor, Arthritis Health Monitor, Diabetes Health Monitor

Exam-Room Posters
Our exam-room posters are a valuable educational tool designed to facilitate the ‘teachable moment’ in the Exam Room. Refreshed several times a year, posters are reviewed and approved by leading KOLs, Healthcare Associations and Patient Advocacy Organizations for medical accuracy.

Hung with adhesive strips, posters are displayed in a plastic sleeve with a pocket holder for Health Monitor take-home patient-education guides and self-assessment forms to be filled out at the time of consultation.

Health Monitor Posters


Metastatic Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine, Bone Health, Overactive bladder, Chemotherapy, Diabetes, Psoriasis, Contraception, Osteoporosis/Fracture

HM Touch Tablets

Interactive tablets are designed to save HCPs time and facilitate an educated dialogue with patients.

This engaging tool allows users to access patient portals and EMRs, immediately increasing Meaningful Use requirements.


Waiting-Room Video Players

HCPs’ time continues to be constrained by more regulations and lower reimbursement. They are looking for simple tools and services that will save them time, while supporting and educating patients.

Video players present condition information to patients in a series of 5-6 videos. Each video, running approximately 1-2 minutes long, features patients and leading experts.

Video players are displayed along with custom Health Monitor condition-specific guides and health-assessment checklists to further facilitate an effective patient/physician dialogue.
Video PlayerVideo players are light weight and portable from waiting to exam rooms.


Condition-Specific Guides

Our highly focused patient-education guides provide a comprehensive overview of specific health conditions and treatment options. Content is designed to prepare patients for their appointment and enhance exam-room dialogue.

Condition-specific guides create the ideal opportunity to achieve successful patient engagement.



Metastatic Cancer, Diabetes, Breast Cancer, RA, Chemotherapy, Psoriasis, Prostate Cancer, Heart Health, Bone Health/Osteoporosis, Fracture, Migraine

Professional Medical Updates
Health Monitor’s PhRMA-compliant Medical Updates present physicians and other clinicians with the latest research findings, vital treatment and diagnosis information, patient-communication strategies and more.

Health Monitor Medical Updates can be co-branded with the Hospital System, ACO or large practices. Written in a clinical style, Medical Updates are reviewed by leading KOLs, and will include the latest treatment algorithms.

Medical Updates are mailed directly to physicians and other clinicians, along with a letter from the publisher and can include other materials, like a ‘Doctor/Patient Discussion Tool’ and others.

Possible Content:

Medical Update