Every asset that is featured here can be leveraged and customized by your Healthcare System, ACO or Large Group Practice, to fit your own particular market needs. Content can be licensed, media can be co-branded, programs can be private-labeled, and more. Please contact me for additional information.

Mobile Apps
Mobile technology has changed the way patients and physicians access health information, manage conditions and communicate with each other. Health Monitor Network Mobile Apps are iPhone/iPad/iPod and/or Android tools designed and customized to a specific disease state or medical condition.


LifeChanger Award

Innovative patient-nominated award program for healthcare professionals in the following categories:


Visit lifechangeraward.com for more information.

Health Monitor Websites

Health Monitor websites provide patients with the same trusted health information and valuable tools and resources they have come to know and trust from our publications for over 30 years.

Each website is custom designed and features content that educates and empowers patients to play an active role in their health.



HealthMonitor.com, Guide2Diabetes.com, Guide2BoneHealth.com, Guide2BreastCancer.com, Guide2ITP.com, Guide2Chemo.com, Guide2Psoriasis.com

Health Monitor eNewsletters

eNewslettersHealth Monitor’s trusted content is now available in eNewsletters, sent to an opt-in list of highly targeted and highly responsive condition sufferers. Health Monitor’s eNewsletters zero in on the psychological issues that can stand in the way of patient adherence to treatment regimens. Creating a more confident and engaged patient, experts guide patients in overcoming emotional obstacles such as denial, depression and feeling overwhelmed. Co-branding with Hospitals, ACOs and large practices is available.

Health Monitor at Home

The Only Publication Distributed to Patients’ Homes for Free, Compliments of Their Personal Healthcare Provider or Hospital

Community Health Ambassadors

With over 700 volunteers and growing fast, Health Monitor’s Community Health Ambassador program is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. Ambassadors attend health fairs, hospital open houses, health events at houses of worship, senior centers and more to raise condition awareness and educate the public by distributing our trusted patient-education materials.

CHAAmbassadors are often affected by, or have a loved one who is affected by a chronic condition, which makes them dedicated, motivated and passionate about the work that they are doing.


Visit healthmonitor.com/CHA for more information.

An innovative patient engagement platform that enhances the patient portal.

Health Keep

Visit healthkeep.com for more information.